What's in a Name?

Our care home in Yeovil, Somerset is named ‘Compton View’. ‘Compton’ comes from the Old English words cumb 'short, straight valley' + tun 'enclosure', 'settlement' and provides some insight into how our area of Yeovil might have looked a long time ago.

As we are a care home for the elderly, how else might we be described? In our opinion, perhaps more out-dated terms might include retirement home or retirement home for the elderly. We think nowadays – and rightly so – more about our residents, whom we think of as our family, living and residing in their home. Retirement conjures up notions of slowing down and doing little. That’s not how we try to encourage our resident’s in our care home to be. We want to keep our residents’ active, both physically and mentally. In fact, we are nominated for a national award for activities due, for example, to us holding a sports day for our residents’. We like to confound expectations!

As a residential care home located in Somerset we often take people to live with us who are from either the Yeovil area or surrounding towns and villages; usually within Somerset. We provide care for the elderly in Yeovil, Somerset we also provide respite care and day care for people who may be with us only for a short time. What ever the case, we take great care of all those who come to stay with us, however briefly and we try to take our residents’ out into the surrounding Yeovil area for external activities, where ever possible. We are situated in Yeovil but are near to both the town and countryside; there are views from the home over open countryside.

We would be pleased and proud to have your trust placed in us in taking care of your loved one. Let us do you proud!

Compton View Residential Home sign