The Mayor came for tea!

The Mayor of Yeovil visits our care home to judge our competition
The Mayor of Yeovil visits our care home to meet our residents
The Mayor of Yeovil visits our care home

On Wednesday 2nd November we had a delightful visit to our Care Home from the Mayor of Yeovil, Evie Potts-Jones herself! Evie came to be the judge of a recent competition we were holding, the 'make your own Guy Fawkes' competition!


We often run exciting events and activities in our home, this event in particular was in competition with our sister care home in Bristol - The Gables Residential Home. We were both challenged to make the best Guy Fawkes out of clothes and bits of paper/hay to look as realistic as we could! We both spent weeks in the run-up to this competition coming up with ideas, collecting clothing and shredded paper in readiness to build our 'Guy'! It was great to involve the residents in this activity, they loved stuffing 'Guy's trousers with shredded paper in tights! It's always such a laugh to get the residents involved and do something different to everyday life! We finished off our guy in a lovely green jumper with a scarf and hat to fit in and look like one of our residents, like he was perfectly in place!


We prepared our Guy ready to be judged and he was awaiting his opponent from Bristol! 

Ann, the Registered Manager from the Gables Residential Home created an impressive 'Guy', too! The staff and residents helped to stuff him with hay to create a pretty stocky creation! They finished it off with a posh dinner jacket and freshly polished dinner shoes, the poshest Guy Fawkes we ever did see! Although Ann did get some questionable looks on her journey down to us in Yeovil from other drivers, their creation made it in one piece and he joined our other 'Guy' ready to be judged!


Evie came in and introduced herself to the residents who were delighted to meet her and very impressed by her Mayor's chain which was quite the conversation starter! She took some time to analyse both creations and finally came to the conclusion that....

Compton View was the winner!

She believed our 'Guy' was more realistic and looked as though he fit right in with the other residents. We had a trophy plate we proudly presented in photographs with the Mayor of Yeovil, Evie. Our day then followed on to hear all about the amazing work Evie does as the Mayor, and of course, we all got to try on her Mayor's chain which was amazing!! 

It was so lovely to welcome Evie into our home and get a chance to have a lovely little natter with her. Evie, you're welcome back any time!