Parliamentary Review

It is our great pleasure and honour to share the news that we were approached recently to write an article for The Parliamentary Review, showcasing our approach to adult care. We took over the ownership of our home in 2017 and have made our little corner of the world a delightful, caring and safe place for our residents. This has included ministering to the spiritual and cerebral needs of our residents. We have tried to get across our approach to care in the article and we encourage you to read it and share it!

We had an exciting night at The House of Commons on the 27th March. Apparently there were a few Brexit votes going on that night, which proved barely noticeable to the throng present who were celebrating our group achievements. As always, Jacky and Paul were there, pushing the social care agenda under the nose of the policy makers.

We were the only care home in Somerset in this year’s Parliamentary Review (as far as we know) and entry was by invitation only, so we wish to thank Lord Pickles and Lord Blunkett who were the architects of our admission. Those invitees were chosen based on the innovative character of their work and it’s gratifying to find official recognition for the work we do in caring for our community.

We try to make our home a caring, pleasant place to live and as close to your own home as possible (and not at all like an institution). On top of that basic care we add in the experience of the two nurses we have on staff, who’ve done such an amazing job in training our (junior) staff to spot early signs of common medical problems (witness recently our success in determining sepsis so early that both of our residents’ are now flourishing). Now you can see why we were chosen for the Review!

This recognition has got us thinking of where we want to go next as a care home… more on that in forthcoming blogs from yours truly. Please read our next blog for details of the awards we’re reached the finals of (stop it now, this is going straight to our heads!).

Please see our website for access to The Parliamentary Review article, or write to us via our website and we’ll send you a pdf copy!

A view of the Palace of Westminster