OWLS elderly care club yeovil somerset

Introducing our new Elderly Care Club, OWLS Club (Older, Wiser, Loveable Souls).

This club is dedicated to men and women aged 65 and over, 7 days a week at our care home. We provide a safe, inviting, therapeutic and enjoyable community, environment and program for adults who cannot stay at home alone. It also gives much needed and deserved support to family carers and allows them time to complete tasks or relax without the demands of caregiving.


What’s included?

- This club works around you. With our flexible timings you can arrive and leave at times that suit you.

- Meals are included - Lunch, evening meal and afternoon tea with a choice of menus

- A beautiful garden with views over the countryside

- Activities and entertainment

- Support from caring and friendly staff

- Homely environment

- Fun, friendship and good food.


Additional information:

- Transport support options available

- Personal Care of a shower and bath available upon booking request

- Hairdresser and Chiropodist available

- Affordable


Elderly care clubs help to strengthen certain aspects of elderly life, to increase their quality of life. It helps them to stay connected by making friends, sharing stories, being included and feeling valued. It’s also the easiest first step to breaking down the barrier of the assisted living world, if they’re feeling nervous about residential care then this is the perfect taster to discover the support they can have to lead a happy and healthier life.


Why are elderly clubs important for the health of seniors?

Correct nutrition - If living alone, they can lose motivation to cook just for themselves. Some others find it hard to cook due to health reasons, while some have lost a partner who took care of the cooking for them both and therefore they miss the companionship that meal times used to bring. This opportunity helps the elderly to gain the correct nutrition they need as they will have their hot meals cooked for them within our home from a choice of menus.

Reduced worry - Changes in their circumstances, health or ability to do things as they’ve always done them, can cause them to feel anxious or low. They can gain the help they need with personal care such as bathing and washing, feeding and socialising. 

Better health and wellbeing - Gain better physical health with our activities and sitting exercises, increase stimulation with interaction with our carers and other residents. Our activities include bingo, quizzes, sitting exercises, arts and crafts, music, memory projects and visitors such as singers and dancers.

Happiness - Sitting at home alone they can experience a greater fear of various risks and become more aware of their vulnerabilities which can cause them to feel low and anxious. Instead they can socialise with other individuals in a similar position, sharing stories and joining in activities with other residents. Having something to look forward to each week is key to well-being, and the routine and structure that OWLS club can offer, has a great impact on positivity and motivation. 


In summary, the benefits of attending OWLS Club are far reaching and can make a lasting difference to many areas of a person's life. It can transform feelings of isolation into feelings of being well connected and supported, and can alleviate low mood, anxiety and depression into feelings of happiness, fulfilment and positivity.


Contact us today to enquire on OWLS Club spaces!