Overall Good CQC Rating

We currently obtain a ‘Overall Good’ CQC rating from our inspection in April 2021 under the categories Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive and Well-led. Our infection prevention and control is also Assured under the categories Visitors, Shielding, Admission, Use of PPE, Testing, Premises, Staffing and Policies.

Here are some of the points taken from our latest report regarding infection control, lockdown and overall.


We found the following examples of good practice. The provider had not had any COVID-19 outbreaks in the home. Staff told us the registered manager was very good at reminding them about hygiene. When our staff come on shift, they always record their temperatures, sanitise their hands and put on personal protective equipment, (PPE) before entering the building. Staff had good knowledge of infection prevention control (IPC). All staff had received IPC training, including how to safely put on and take off PPE such as gloves, aprons, and face masks. A staff member said, "We watched the videos and Emma also shows us.” We saw several posters around the home with reminders of how to maintain good infection control processes.


At the time of this inspection, every staff member and resident continued to test negative in the home. During the recent lockdown, the provider had stopped all visitors from coming into the home. One staff member told us, "We used video calls and people have their own mobiles, and some people have phones in their rooms." The registered manager described how they kept families informed through social media. The provider's visitors policy was clear and in line with national guidance. Visitors were required to follow 3 Compton View Residential Care Home Inspection report 12 May 2021 the service's infection control procedures. Visits were encouraged, the home had set aside a conservatory for visits to take place safely.

The home is split into two floors. The registered manager explained if someone tested positive for COVID19 they would isolate in their room and staff would be allocated to that person. The registered manager ensured regular testing was carried out, weekly for staff and monthly for people living in the home. This was in line with COVID-19 testing guidance.