It’s Award Season again!

Well, just like buses, our awards come in clusters! So far this year, we’ve made it to the UK Finals of 3 (yes ladies and gentlemen, you did read that correctly), 3 National awards! There may be more to come. Just keep watching this space!

Looking for an official definition of ‘award’ we find one definition as “give or order the giving of (something) as an official payment, compensation, or prize to (someone)”.

On one level we’re honoured to be in the UK finals of Family Business of the Year (South & South West) and also in 2 separate categories of the Care Home awards (Best Individual Care Home and Best for Sporting, Social and Leisure). This is highly gratifying for all of the hard work we’ve put in. We took over our beautiful home in 2017 and since then have been working tirelessly to improve our offering to our residents’.

But, if you think about this more deeply, we as owners are merely the figureheads for the home. We need to expand the definition from ‘someone’ to ‘everyone’; everyone who’s made a material difference to what we do. This certainly includes our staff, who work tirelessly to meet the pastoral, physical and care needs of our residents’, trying as they do to make people settled and satisfied – no, more than than – happy with the life they lead. For yes, they certainly have life left in them! Our staff go out of their way to care for our family of residents’.

We also need to thank our residents’ and their families, who make our job such a joy to carry out. To see a smile on a face, to catch an acknowledgement – knowing that we’ve made a difference to someone makes this all worthwhile.

So, do think of us when we’re in London later in the year to (hopefully) accept at least one of these awards. And be sure that we’ll bring it home not for us, but for our family of resident’s and staff who care so much. It is for them that we will humbly accept the award and celebrate our success.

Now…back to work!

Proud finalists of the 2019 Care Home Awards