The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

The Queen's Jubilee at Compton View was a blast!! 🇬🇧


This special occasion was a time for us all to get together and do lots of fun things. We celebrated with cake, wine, sandwiches, afternoon tea and even our own coronation!

As we prepared the house and put up the decorations, the mood changed, and everything got a little brighter. We love celebrating special occasions in our home, it brings everyone together and allows for all our residents to socialise (even though they do daily anyway) there's something about a special occasion that brings more smiles, more laughs and stronger friendships.


We even held our own coronation where we crowned one of our residents, Joan to be Queen for the day! Of course, we had to get crowns for everyone else, too! Everyone was able to feel like royalty for the weekend whilst our team worked so hard to provide tea, cakes and lots of other treats to really spoil our residents.


The children of Milford Junior School also made a wonderful collage of The Queen which they made just for us! 

Using paint and coins they made a beautiful portrait of The Queen for her special Platinum Jubilee, we wish she could see it!!

We have a close relationship with Milford School and we're so grateful for this - we can't wait for the time we can let the children come in and meet the residents again.


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