The importance of Elderly Care

Elderly care in Yeovil, Somerset.

Understanding the care and support needs of older people is what we do best.

Recent statistics estimated that people aged 65 and over in the United Kingdom are expected to live almost 50% of their remaining lives with a limiting long-term physical or mental health condition, thus increasing their need for care and support. Taking the steps necessary to provide your loved ones with what they need to age sets them up for ease in their older years. This can be in a variety of ways. This can include taking time to make sure they are doing the things they enjoy in life, that they are still focusing on their mental health, or even talking to them about care home opportunities or weekly visits to a care home for friendship and assistance.


What Makes Care in our Elder Years Crucial?

As you get older there are many things changing. The structure of your life changes, and potentially even the things you used to be able to do before. According to one study, one in five people in the UK experience anxiety or depression later in life. 

Limiting the amount of stress and anxiety that comes with older age is an important step. This can be easily managed by the support of carers and the support of friends made inside a care home. At Compton View, we make your life easier, we cater and accommodate for those needing assistance in their daily lives, making life stress free and more enjoyable. After all, these are your golden years!


If you are looking for a homely alternative and want to reduce the number of daily tasks or burdens in life like cleaning, shopping or washing etc. A care home like ours will be the perfect place for your loved ones to live their best life.


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