Benefits of a smaller care home

Being a small home with only 17 rooms, we are able to create a homely environment where strong relationships are built between the staff and residents, something you may not find in a larger home where the rotation of staff can be unpredictable.

We create a cosy and home-like environment for our residents, everyone can mingle together and form close relationships. In a larger home, you may see more separated groups of friendships which can be unhealthy for the overall balance of the home.


More staff are available for each resident and they have the ability to meet special needs. Staff are able to form stronger relationships with our residents and get to know them a lot better, what foods and treats they like, or little tips and tricks that work better when providing care for each resident. This works better when residents are familiar with the same staff members and what rotation they work around. In a larger home, there may be triple the amount of staff members and residents can get confused, as well as staff members not being so close to each resident. It’s so important for our residents to become familiar with the staff, this makes them feel more comfortable and settled in our home. It can be difficult to see new faces.


Residents are provided with a superior quality of life. Our home is designed with a private en-suite bathroom in every room, each room is decorated to a modern standard. We have rooms of different sizes so you can move the room around and decorate as you wish. Our living room areas are cosy with comfortable chairs to sit in while watching a movie, playing games or napping. Living rooms are also spacious for activities and accessible for walking frames. Our home has much more of a homely environment rather than the atmosphere of a clinical institution or healthcare facility.


One of the main benefits of being a smaller home is that obviously, we are able to manage infection control much better, we know exactly what is coming in and going out, our cleaning is incredibly thorough. Now, we’re not trying to slam the larger care homes in any way, at all. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, every residential care business has done their very best and have had amazing infection control. But as it happens, we have kept the virus out entirely. This is down to our amazing Manager, Emma Bond and her team of highly skilled and dedicated carers, cooks and cleaners. Emma has trained her team to a high standard where they can detect and manage medical emergencies and complex conditions. This has consequently kept our residents safe during the pandemic, yes it has been tough, we’ve had to be really tight with our restrictions, meaning residents hadn’t been able to see their families for over a year. Our staff had also been restricted on who they saw outside of work to ensure they didn’t bring anything back in. Being a small team, this wasn’t too much to ask for and there was less risk of anything coming into our home compared to a home with larger staff numbers.


We love our little care home and everyone in it, we hope that you will too!

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