Attending our first award ceremony

Perhaps one of the biggest events in recent history that occurred on 6th June (1944) was the D-Day landings. In our own way we fought our own battle on Thursday 6th June 2019 – three quarters of a century later – when we attended the first of our award ceremonies of 2019 – that of Family Business of the year. The event was held at the May Fair Hotel in London and, having been nominated as finalists for the South and South West and in two other categories we, in the end, didn’t win in the overall categories, but nevertheless we were proud to represent our community in Yeovil.

We took over our retirement home in Somerset in 2017 and have tried to involve our family in the events of the home as much as possible. We find that mixing of ages to be highly beneficial for our residents, who enjoy the company of our young children and it helps our little ones to socialise with grown-ups and to learn respect for their elders. Our children help out with some necessary work around the home, such as cleaning out the fish tank and the chicken coop, as well as attending parties and, well, seems like eating all the cakes!

There’s something magical about the coming together and interactions between people of different ages, especially if there’s a long-standing association and we find that there’s a new energy about our home when the children are around. We also have regular visits from local schools that also bring a concerted energy to our home and residents, through the songs and work they share with us.

So all in all we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to London and attending our first awards ceremony of the year. We have another three to go (so far notified). That’s one more than we knew about last week...but more about that in my next blog. Cheers to our family and our care home community in Yeovil!